Public Formal Hearing

If a settlement cannot be reached or as directed by the Commission, the case will be scheduled for a formal public hearing. The broker or her legal counsel have the right to present evidence in defense, including calling witnesses and introducing exhibits, to make objections, to cross-examine any witness called, and to make a closing argument. Many brokers decide that they need to retain an attorney at the formal stage, if they have not done so already. 

Possible Discipline and Outcomes of the Public Hearing

After a formal hearing, the Real Estate Commission may issue an order determining that there has been a violation and imposing discipline. N.C.G.S. 93A-6 allows the Commission to take the following actions in resolution of settlement or a hearing:

(1) Revoke the broker’s license permanently;

(2) Suspend the broker’s license for a specified period;

(3) Censure the broker; or

(4) Reprimand the broker.

Licensure Applications