Testimonials From Clients

“Thanks for suggesting Doug Brocker.  He is awesome and you should suggest him to others!”

- From Physician client in Medical Board matters to the referring physician

Just a personal thanks for the great job you did for me.  Life has taught me a great lesson from this and I have been fortunate enough to have crossed paths with you . . . .  I do realize you did a lot for me without charge many times and I appreciate your 110% effort.”

- Former Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) and current Licensed Professional Counselor

I just want to thank you for all you have done.  It has been a very rough 2 years and we would’ve not made it without you. [We] appreciate everything you have done and your good advice. . .”

- Physician client in Medical Board proceedings

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you.  You truly went “above and beyond” for us and that will forever be appreciated.  These past 15-months have been like a lingering nightmare that we just couldn’t seem to wake up from. . .  You started out representing [the judge] as his attorney and you ended up supporting us as our friend.  You believed in him and that was obvious in your representation of him.  From the bottom of my heart, I thank you, your wife and your staff for all of the hard work you did for this case.  Because of that, justice was finally served because I believe by the end of the hearing, that panel knew [the judge]-not from a snapshot, but from a video of his career and a testimony of his life.  You did a remarkable and sincere job of presenting that to them.”

- Client’s spouse in Judicial Standards hearing

“I am writing with regard to the legal representation I received from Douglas J. Brocker, Attorney at Law. . . .  The matter for which he represented me was complex and contentious, in essence involving approximately 45 separate cases in one.  This legal dispute caused this time to have been the most taxing of my career. 
Through his experience, knowledge and skill as an attorney, however, Mr. Brocker not only vigorously defended my position but also facilitated bringing about a relatively speedy resolution to what otherwise threatened to drag on for months, if not years
.  Most importantly, though, Mr. Brocker was not only my legal representative and zealous advocate, he was also my counselor at law.  He stood by me and supported me with his professionalism and kindness.  He assisted me in dispelling unfounded fears and helped me devise solutions to real concerns in my case.  I could not have handled this matter without Mr. Brocker.  Mr. Brocker is modeled after the honorable and fine attorneys of our past and those we read about in classic literature.  I am grateful to have received the benefit of his services and honored to have been his client.”

- Attorney involved in law firm and fee dispute


You came highly recommended to me because of your experience as counsel to the State Bar and for your representation of other attorneys in matters before the State Bar. The problem which I had with the Bar required that I have some insight into how investigators for the State Bar gather and evaluate evidence of possible ethical violations. In one consultation with you, I benefitted greatly from your years of experience, because you told me exactly what to expect from the investigation and how to respond to the likely inquiries. Having now had the experience of being the client, I understand more than ever the value of good legal advice. You are a true lawyer’s lawyer. Thank you so much for your efforts.”

- Attorney client in State Bar matter


Thank you so very much for taking my case. I don’t know how you truly felt on a personal level about my criminal actions, and suffice to say, that is probably the best compliment an attorney can receive from a client. I always felt you had my best interests in mind, that you were representing my cause with zeal.
Thank you.”

- Client in Medical Board disciplinary hearing

“Many, many thanks for Doug’s fine work, brilliant mind, amazingly on-point original arguments and resolution of a unique, novel problem. Excellent, really impressive work. Doug gave me back my professional life with his legal solutions. Thank you.”

- Attorney Client in State Bar Licensing Matter


Thanks again for your example of excellence in the practice of law!”

- Attorney client in Ethics Counseling


I work on our Professional Responsibility Committee and do disciplinary work here as well. When this first hit, [the firm] immediately agreed we needed someone with your expertise to help us. I cannot tell you how much your outstanding efforts on behalf of [the two involved respondent lawyers] means to the firm. We very much appreciate it.”

- Partner in large out-of-state law firm regarding complaints against two of the firm’s lawyers for alleged unauthorized practice in NC