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Dear Ms. Carlisle:

I just wanted to thank you again for your advice and let you know that I received a letter from the Board today informing me that my application has been approved! I am not sure I would have received this letter without your advice.  If I ever come across another applicant who is called in for a hearing, I will know exactly who to send them to.

Bar Candidate


You are a tremendous asset to the State Bar and you will be difficult to replace.”

- Past State Bar President

“Dear Crystal,

I wanted to write and thank you for all of the work you did to help me achieve licensure with the North Carolina Board of Licensed Professional Counselors.  Working with you helped me tremendously – from giving me an idea of what my hearing would look like, to informing me what information and documentation was relevant to my situation and what was not, to preparing me to explain my story to the Board in a professional way that conveyed my dedication to the counseling profession.  I was able to face the Board with confidence and was able to present documentation related to my character in a well-organized manner.  I owe you and the Brocker Law Firm more than you know.  I appreciate your support and the fact that you care – that came through from the first time we met up until I finally learned I’d been licensed a few months later. You have no idea how helpful it was to have someone in my corner at a time when I was very stressed about the potentially life-changing decision the Board was making.  I cannot thank you enough!”

-LPCA Applicant Client



Thank you so much for all you have done.  This Bar Grievance seemed like a nightmare that just would not end.  You answered all my questions and were extremely patient and kept me informed on the matter.  You also gave me a realistic expectation and analysis rather than just the theoretical consequences. . . . I would highly recommend you to anyone.  Thanks again!”


- Attorney in State Bar Grievance Matter

“Brocker’s cross-examination of Mike Nifong was a masterpiece. At the end of his direct testimony [the] disgraced DA had just delivered a tearful resignation, seeming to use his son as a prop designed to increase sympathy. Brocker responded with a precise series of questions to which Nifong unpersuasively responded with increasing evasiveness. In effect, the cross-examination exposed the ‘factual’ Nifong to all, setting the stage for Brocker’s brilliant description of Nifong — Durham County’s “minister of injustice” — in his closing statement.”

“Brocker’s closing was a masterful performance — a highly organized summary of the case complete with visuals outlining Nifong’s mutually contradictory excuses on why he didn’t turn over the exculpatory DNA evidence. Brocker’s PowerPoint slide with head shots of Nifong’s various media appearances was particularly effective. He also delivered one of the best lines of the entire case, describing Nifong as a ‘minister of injustice.’”

“The State Bar’s prosecutors, Doug Brocker and Katherine Jean, did a remarkably effective job. They mastered the intricate details of the case that by now is extremely complex. Both asked questions in a straightforward, dispassionate manner — despite the outrages of the case — thereby allowing the ‘facts’ that [Chair] Williamson deemed so critical to dominate the proceedings.”

- KC Johnson, co-author of “Until Proven Innocent: Political Correctness and the Shameful Injustices of the Duke Lacrosse Rape Case” (excerpts from Durham-in-Wonderland).


Thank you for talking me through this.  Although, thankfully, I did not need you more, it was $300 well spent, and I thank you for your assistance.  Your incredible responsiveness is very much appreciated.”

-Successful comity applicant before NC Board of Law Examiners


“Dear Doug, This letter is to tell you how much we admired your work last week and how we appreciate the great job you did. This was no easy task. You had the eyes of the world on you. People were glued to their computers and television sets to see how the North Carolina State Bar would handle the ‘Nifong’ case. . . We thank you for all that you did. We know the long hours you and Katherine Jean worked. We know that you were wonderfully well prepared. The families that we represent will never forget last week. Thank you ever so much.”

- Wade M. Smith, counsel for one of the exonerated Duke lacrosse players

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you.  You truly went “above and beyond” for us and that will forever be appreciated.  These past 15-months have been like a lingering nightmare that we just couldn’t seem to wake up from. . .  You started out representing [the judge] as his attorney and you ended up supporting us as our friend.  You believed in him and that was obvious in your representation of him.  From the bottom of my heart, I thank you, your wife and your staff for all of the hard work you did for this case.  Because of that, justice was finally served because I believe by the end of the hearing, that panel knew [the judge]-not from a snapshot, but from a video of his career and a testimony of his life.  You did a remarkable and sincere job of presenting that to them.”

- Client’s spouse in Judicial Standards hearing

“Thank you so much! I could not have done it without your firm and your dedication.”

– Comity Applicant before the Board of Law Examiners