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Money Laundering Scams Targeting Lawyers

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Have you ever received a call from a potential client who either 1) has just inherited lots of money, or 2) reached an agreement with their spouse in a domestic matter, or 3) settled a civil claim directly with opposing party, and they just need someone to help receive a large sum of money? Bells and whistles should be going off in your head. No legal services are needed, just someone to collect the money and deliver it to the person on the phone, and you’ll get a cut of the money for your time and efforts. Don’t walk, run in the other direction. While I have not had the time to look over this issue, my guess is that this is some attempt to draw the attorney into a money laundering scheme or somehow avoid the reporting requirements.

If anyone knows more about this topic, please let me know. I can be reached through my firm website: www.brockerlawfirm.com.