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Revel in Your Down Time

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Perhaps “revel” is too strong a word.  But definitely make the most of it when business is slow.  If you’re like me, you start getting worried when there doesn’t appear to be enough work to do.  I’ve found that those slow times are really opportunities to fine tune and tune up some things about your practice.  When work is slow, don’t fret.  Instead, tackle those tasks you’ve been putting off.  Update your website.  Revamp your firm’s written policies. Think about new ways to approach marketing.  Take on some pro bono work.  Upgrade outdated technology.  Schedule an outside e-security audit.  Write a blog!!  Heck, we’re even preparing to change telephone systems, which I’m guessing is no small task.  (Maybe you can tell that I write from experience).   You could also spend some extra time making certain your trust accounting books are complete and up to date.

So I say, if business is slow, make the most of it.  It will do you and your firm good to retool a bit.  Plus, it’ll take your mind off of fretting.  Believe me, I know.