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In Memoriam – Kara Brooke Ottesen February 21, 1970-July 27, 2018

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We are heartbroken over the passing of our dear friend and colleague Kara Brooke Ottesen.  Brooke worked with our firm for over six years, and in that short time, she did so much good for so many clients.  Brooke was generous with her time, serving both her clients and the legal profession.  Her dedication to service exemplified the best our profession can be.

Brooke’s clients loved her.  She brought empathy and compassion into each attorney-client relationship.  She never judged anyone.  Because of this, clients felt they could be completely open and honest with her, and she, in turn, could provide better service to them.  Brooke had a brilliant analytical mind and an uncanny attention to detail, both of which made her an exceptional lawyer and an invaluable team member.  But most of all, she was a shining light, who brought joy and positivity to everyone she met.  Words cannot express how much she will be missed.