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Voluntary Trust Account Audit

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The Tenth Judicial District was the lucky district selected for the State Bar’s random attorney trust account audit program this quarter. But I didn’t feel lucky–our trust account wasn’t chosen. I decided that I would no longer stand on the sidelines while others had all the fun. So, I called up the State Bar Auditor, Anne Parkin, and asked her to please, please audit our trust account, too. She obliged.

Lost my mind, you say? No, no, there is a method to my madness (and no doubt, some at my firm would call me crazy). I have been advising attorneys about trust accounting issues for 25 years now, including 10 years at the State Bar.

I have helped attorneys come into compliance, defended disciplinary matters dealing with trust account issues, helped them prepare the necessary trust reports for State Bar compliance counsel, and performed trust account mini-audits. But, although I know what goes on in a State Bar audit, I have never sat through one myself.

I think this will be a great learning opportunity for me and for the attorneys in my firm who will be advising attorneys on trust accounting. And, yes, I am looking forward to this. Not to worry, I will keep you posted on the outcome. All I can say for now is…bring it on, Anne!