After Regulatory Action by ASD

If regulatory action is taken, it can have significant effects on a licensee.  Generally, the North Carolina Department of Insurance:

  • Provides the insurer with a copy of the documentation of the regulatory action when requested;
  • Notifies the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) of the action.  The NAIC maintains a shared database for all states and the regulatory actions are posted on the NAIC website;
  • Codes the licensee record with “Regulatory Action Taken” which means regulatory action has been taken against the licensee;
  • Includes the name of the licensee and the action taken in the Department’s newsletter;
  • Shows the regulatory action on the license record on the Department’s website through the information portal.  The online license record displays “Agent has Regulatory Action” for individual licensees and “Regulatory Action Taken” for agencies and companies.

NOTE: The regulatory coding remains part of the licensee’s public record.

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