Formal Hearing for Contested Cases and Possible Outcomes

Disciplinary proceedings to enforce the behavior listed above are considered contested cases, and the licensee has a right to a hearing.  The hearing is conducted by a majority of the board, and the president normally serves as the presiding officer.

When the Board finds that a chiropractor or applicant is guilty of any offense described above, it may:

  1. Permanently revoke the license;
  2. Suspend the license;
  3. Refuse to grant a license;
  4. Censure the chiropractor;
  5. Issue a letter of reprimand;
  6. Place the chiropractor on probationary status.

Impact of Decision of Whether to Retain an Experienced Law Firm

If you have received a letter from the Board staff or have a pending formal hearing, you should consider retaining a firm like ours that has experience representing licensees before the N.C. Chiropractic Board of Examiners.  Disciplinary action could have a significant and permanent impact on your license(s) in NC and other states, which also can substantially affect you financially and personally.  Hiring an experienced law firm can be an investment in your professional future as a chiropractor.

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