Law Firm Dissolutions/Law Firm Agreements

There are many ethical concerns for lawyers and law firms when a law firm dissolves or one or more lawyers leave the firm.  Our firm assists lawyers and law firms throughout the dissolution process.  Our representation includes assistance with critical issues such as properly advising clients of the dissolution or departure, transfer of client files, and division of legal fees.  Addressing these issues properly is essential to ensuring continuity of service to clients and to help facilitate a smooth transition.

We also assist firms in drafting employment or law firm agreements which can minimize the disputes that arise when a firm dissolves, or when an attorney leaves a firm.  These agreements are highly beneficial as, they can provide all parties with an understanding of what will occur in such a situation, preventing potential disputes.  They must also be drafted carefully, as to not improperly restrict the right of a lawyer to practice after termination of the relationship.

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