Actions on Applications for Licensure

We also assist clients who seek to obtain broker’s licenses in both informal conferences and formal hearings before the Commission. Generally, if the Commission finds that the applicant has not fully met the requirements for licensure, it will defer action upon the application until the applicant is notified by letter. An applicant then must make a written request for a hearing to the Commission. This request must be made within sixty (60) days after service of this letter. If the applicant fails to request a hearing before the Commission within this time; or if a properly addressed letter is returned to the Commission undelivered, the applicant’s right to a hearing is considered waived and the application is deemed denied. However, if the request is timely made, the Commission will provide the applicant with a Notice of Hearing. The notice sets the hearing date where the applicant will have the opportunity to demonstrate that s/he has met the requisite requirements for licensure. Prior to the commencement of a formal hearing, an applicant who has been denied licensure will often have an opportunity for an informal character conference with members of the Commission.

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