NC Legal Ethics Minute: Mobile Deposits and Online Trust Accounting

Recently Republished in the Campbell Law Observer:
Inadvertent Disclosure of Privileged Information: Major Headache or Minor Hiccup?

You are going through the discovery materials that opposing counsel sent you when you come across a document that is marked “Privileged.” How do you handle this situation? What are your duties? Download PDF

Ethical Considerations and Quick Reference Guide for Opening and Running
A Law Practice

This publication is a summary and quick reference for some of the most important and recurring ethical issues involved with establishing and running a law practice and law firm.  Download PDF

The Ethics of Legal Advertising

Download PDF

Tips for Safeguarding Client Trust Funds

Here are some easy-to-implement and smart accounting practices to safeguard your trust account and your law license. Download PDF

Turning Out The Lights Without Leaving Your Clients In The Dark

Exit planning is a hot topic in North Carolina although we are certainly not the first state to tackle these issues. The president of the North Carolina State Bar in 2013, called for the Bar to re-examine and improve our approach to both the beginning and the end of law practice. Download PDF