Impact of Decision of Whether to Retain an Experienced Law Firm

The Board will report all negative disciplinary actions through the Public Protection Database, the National Practitioner Data Bank – Healthcare Integrity and Protection Data Bank, and may report them to any requesting public or private entity. The following negative actions will be reported: (1) Injunctions for unlicensed practice; (2) Issuance of a cease and desist order; (3) Revocation; (4) Suspension; (5) Censure; (6) Reprimand; (7) Probation; (8) Withdrawal or denial of initial applications or reapplications proximate to an ethics matter; (9) Surrender of certification or license during an investigation; (10) Practice limitations; and (11) Limitations on the right of a licensee or certificate holder to supervise. However, for reporting purposes the following matters do not constitute negative actions: (1) Monitoring independent of restrictions or discipline; and (2) Letters of concern.

If you have received a letter from the Board staff or have a pending formal hearing, you should consider retaining a firm like ours that has experience representing applicants, certificate holders and licensees before the North Carolina Social Work Certification and Licensure Board. Disciplinary action could have a significant and permanent impact on your certificate(s) or license(s) in NC and other states, which also can substantially affect you financially and personally. Hiring an experienced law firm can be an investment in your professional future. Our general explanation of board procedures has a more detailed discussion of how we may be able to assist you in informal proceedings and formal proceedings.