Testimonials From Clients


Great news! Thanks so much for your help on this. You helped frame the range of issues – from technical to the Board culture, and allowed me to remain calm.

It’s an absolute pleasure working with a seasoned veteran.

All the best!”

        –  Physician client concerning Medical Board matter


“Thank you again for all the help you have given me in my matter with the Judicial Commission.  I could not have expected more excellent representation.”

- Judge/Client in Judicial Standards Commission Matter


This is an overdue note to thank you again for all your help.  I could not have gotten through my tribulations without your able assistance.”

- Judicial Standards Commission Matter

“Dear Doug,

My profound gratitude for your superb representation of me.  I could not have asked for anything more.  You are as good as they come so thank you and your firm once again.”

- Reinstated Attorney


I work on our Prof. Responsibility Committee with [referring partner], and do disciplinary work here as well.  When this first hit, [we] immediately agreed we needed someone with your expertise to help us.  I cannot tell you how much your outstanding efforts on behalf of [respondent partners] means to the firm.  We very much appreciate it.”

- Partner in Large Out-of-State Law Firm


Thank you so much for all you have done.  This Bar Grievance seemed like a nightmare that just would not end.  You answered all my questions and were extremely patient and kept me informed on the matter.  You also gave me a realistic expectation and analysis rather than just the theoretical consequences. . . . I would highly recommend you to anyone.  Thanks again!”


- Attorney in State Bar Grievance Matter

“Mr. Brocker assisted me via a phone consultation regarding a summons to appear before an informal hearing panel of the NCBLE. I just wanted to let him know that I appreciated his advice, and the hearing went exceedingly well.  I received confirmation that I have been approved in regards to all matters referred to at the hearing and received my bar exam admission ticket.  Thank you for likely some of the best (or at least most timely) [money for consultation] I have spent in law school thus far.”

- Bar Candidate in Board of Law Examiners Matter

“Dear Doug,

I am so grateful for your outstanding work in my matter before the Board of Law Examiners.  I appreciate your timely and well informed advice.  Thank you for reassuring me in a very difficult situation and for your expertise and professionalism.  You addressed the legal issues of my case with great skill.  I know that the positive outcome is a direct result of your efforts on my behalf. Bravo!

I would highly recommend you to anyone who has matters before the Board.

- Newly admitted attorney client

I just want you to know how much I appreciate all that you have done in this matter. Your support was communicated through the response . . . and I cannot tell you how much that meant, especially after my first legal consultation was very negative and not open to writing a response, because he didn’t think it would do any good. I was so pleased to have found your name on the internet and even more pleased when we met, because your response to my plight really let me know that you would help fight this and avoid a hearing if at all possible. I am also glad you already had dealings with [the Board attorney], because I know that made the negotiations more open and cooperative. So, I truly do thank you for all your hard work and support – you did a great job!”

- Licensed Professional Counselor client in complaint before LPC Board

I just wanted to tell you again how much of a great job you did for me yesterday! You got my life back. . . . I cannot put it in words.”

- Bail Bondsman concerning a hearing before the Commissioner of Insurance