Formal Disciplinary Proceedings

We have good working relationships with counsel for most of the boards and frequently can work out an acceptable resolution without the need for a formal hearing. We have resolved formal charges with numerous licensing entities, including the Medical Board, State Bar, Board of Pharmacy, Real Estate Commission, Appraisal Board, Board of Examiners for Engineers and Surveyors, Board of Certified Public Accountant Examiners, and several counseling boards, such as the Social Work Certification and Licensure Board, the Substance Abuse Professional Practice Board, and the Board of Licensed Professional Counselors.

If an acceptable resolution cannot be reached, we have many years of experience trying formal disciplinary proceedings before the various boards and agencies, such as the State Bar, Judicial Standards Commission, Board of Law Examiners, Department of Insurance, and Board of Contractors, Office of Commissioner of Banks, among others.

Several boards and agencies have privately retained us to handle and prosecute highly- publicized formal disciplinary cases. These include the State Bar proceeding against former Durham District Attorney Michael Nifong, arising out of the Duke Lacrosse cases, which hearing led to his disbarment, and the Dental Board’s prosecution of a dentist from the Lake Norman area, whose license was revoked for committing bizarre sexual assaults on numerous female patients.