The K. Brooke Ottesen Memorial Scholarship Fund at the UNC School of Law

Dear family, friends, clients, and colleagues:

As many of you already know, our dear friend and colleague, Brooke Ottesen, passed away this year. To honor Brooke and to commemorate her service to the legal profession, we have established The K. Brooke Ottesen Memorial Scholarship Fund at UNC School of Law. Brooke’s generosity and service to both her clients and the legal profession exemplified the best of the profession. The endowment fund will provide annual scholarship(s) to talented students attending UNC School of Law, with the student’s volunteer service to community, school, or the legal profession as a consideration for the scholarship award. The scholarship was established in consultation with and the full support of Brooke’s husband, Raymond Ottesen.

If you had the privilege of knowing or working with Brooke, we ask that you consider contributing to this scholarship fund, if you are inspired to do so. Any contributions would increase the amount of the annual scholarship(s) available to students attending UNC School of Law created by the endowment fund in Brooke’s honor. Contributions to the scholarship can be made to the UNC Law Foundation, Inc., the qualified 501c3 organization established for the exclusive support of the UNC School of Law. Donors to the scholarship will receive a gift receipt for tax purposes.

You have three options to make a gift:

  • By check made payable to UNC Law Foundation or credit card via mail by downloading this gift form HERE
  • By credit card online HERE
  • By a gift of securities. Contact Deirdre Gordon at UNC School of Law to get full details about this option: or 919-445-0168 to consider

Please let us know if you have any questions about the scholarship, or if we can assist you as you consider making a gift.


Doug and Deanna Brocker